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Photo and all HOME photos by the talented Naomi Epstein Photography                               @nephotography |

Photo and all HOME photos by the talented Naomi Epstein Photography                               @nephotography |

Jennifer Ursillo is a Rome, Italy based Yoga Teacher RYT500 with Miami Beach yoga roots. She studied Ashtanga Yoga (RYT200) at the foothills of the Himalayas at Ajarya Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India and completed her RYT500 with Jason Crandell. Jennifer teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga For Athletes publicly and privately throughout Rome and Salento. She is also certified in SUP Yoga and is a Yoga Ambassador for Starboard. Through conscious movement, breath, alignment and mindfulness, Jennifer’s classes and workshops are designed to build strength, cultivate balance and improve flexibility/mobility. They also promote a fun, community vibe to inspire you to live in the moment and explore your true self.


Vatican, Rome   | Photo by Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography | | @elad_itzkin_yoga_photography

Vatican, Rome | Photo by Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography | | @elad_itzkin_yoga_photography

Society has changed rapidly in recent years and our personal connections are much different from what they once were, even within just the last twenty years. Our connection to nature is not as strong as it was when societies lived in harmony with the land. It is not uncommon for people in today’s world to feel disconnected from one another and from themselves - it seems to be a symptom of this changing global culture. Our hearts and souls yearn for connection, fundamentally human beings are meant to live and work together. Life is mutually beneficial when we spend time with others. In sharing our dreams with one another and helping others to reach their goals, we thrive, individually and collectively. In connecting with others and finding our similarities, we develop a deeper sense of identity, and in this a deeper belonging to the earth and to one another, allowing our hearts to soar.

 Yoga is a tool that helps us to strengthen the connection between our minds, our bodies and our spirit. When practiced independently, we focus on deepening these connections within ourselves. When practiced collectively we not only deepen connections within ourselves but we connect to those around us. When we are connected with ourselves and with others, our emotional, mental and physical health increases.

 Tribe Vinyasa is not only yoga, but also a modern day tribe. It is a community of fitness and wellness lovers who can connect and cultivate authentic, sustainable relationships around their shared interests of various activities. Whether it is yoga, pilates, running, surf, SUP, horseback riding, hiking, etc. you are sure to find fitness buddies to help increase your motivation, set goals, try new activities and most importantly have fun! Exercise is not only good for our health, but it releases endorphins, those feel-good chemicals that promote happiness. Tribe Vinyasa also aims to take action to help serve and build up positive change in our local community through karma yoga activities that will benefit ourselves and others.


Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome | Photo by Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography |   |   @elad_itzkin_yoga_photography

Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome | Photo by Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography | | @elad_itzkin_yoga_photography